Sunday, May 5, 2013


Are you passing through a situation that people are aware of but they don't care about? Are you going through something so disgusting that you find it difficult to share it with others,including those who are close to you? Am happy to tell you today that God cares. Acts 15vs 18. He knows everything about that situation and He loves you. Infact, He knows more than you think you know about the situation; be it the cause and also the effects, as well as the cure and much more. More importantly he wants to do something about it if only you will let him. Like He asked the man at the pool of bethesda, so He is asking you today: Do you want to be made whole? In other words, do you want your situation to change? If you do, then let him into your heart, trust in him and open up completely to him, surrender to him and He will surely hear you. God is making a way for you to come out of your unpleasant situation this season; All that isrequired of you is to accept Jesus christ as your personal Lord and Saviour; believe in him and confess and forsake your sins.

If you are ready to accept Jesus into Your life, just with faith say this prayer with me: Lord Jesus, i know and acknowlege that am a sinner, am confessing and forsaking them and inviting you into my heart as my lord and personal saviour; thank you for saving my soul...
If you had taken the bold step to come to Jesus can you just walk up to any truth speaking church near you and begin to fellowship with them. For further assistance call +2348038432577. God bless you.