Thursday, January 6, 2011

'and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free'...Jn 8:32
Information gathering is the number one assignment in the school of success, but managing the information to mid-wife the breakthrough is another thing. Information comes from men, management comes from you while revelation comes from God. Those are the ingredients every one of us need to secure a breakthrough. Everybody that made it, those are the factors that worked for them.
Information can be got from anyone in any field and from books, media, conferences and seminars. From people as you listen to them teach or preach and even from songs. Today, the internet is a veritable source of information as you browse through the websites. All you need to be a good reader, ardent listener and a committed researcher.
You must manage information very well. Though it is not every info you get that will be useful, some will be wrong or outrightly falsehood. You know that he you act no wrong info, the outcome will be regrettable. It can lead to losses, litigation, embarrassment and such other negative consequences.
Even when the information is right , it may not be relevant to your purpose. So, you need to sift information and make use of the relevant ones for your course.
Revelation is the illumination that comes from God into our mind as to taking the right steps at the right time to achieve the desired purpose. The truth is, most of the great inventions that men had thus making significant and historic changes in life were stumbled on. God can reveal to you, in a flash, the result of the research that will take years to get. There is a point where champions or winners cannot explain how they finally came about their breakthrough other than to say, God did it. Stay blessed!

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