Thursday, January 6, 2011


' this people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me' mat 15: 8

Spirituality is an goods thing, not an outward show. Those who dramatize holiness are hardly ever so. Some people equate holiness with such trivial things as the way one dresses, walks, talks and greets. While it is true that spirituality leads to transformation of life, it is principally an inner phenomenon. It begins no the inside and then radiates to the outside rather than the cosmetic approach we often see being displayed.
To be a godly person, a holy person or a deep spiritual person is not something one advertises by oneself. If you are; people will see it on you because it is glaring. Do you remember that it took a kiss from Judas iscariot to reveal Jesus christ to his captors? That tells you that jesus christ must have been dressing like every other disciple and there was nothing about his attire that gave him out or made him look special.
Church is one good place these days where you see many hypocrites. Everyone pretends to be spiritual and holy. Even, the teachings from many pulpits encourage it. You will be totally disappointed if you have cause to work, live or relate closely with many big names looked upon as highly spiritual or holy.
Spirituality is not cosmetic; it is an inner transformation. It is rooted on the inside, transforming to the outside. It is demonstrated through one's attitude, character and morals. It manifests itself in pure love and selfless service to other people. It is the display of a Godly character.
Do not be puffed up. Those that are godly, holy and anointed hardly flaunt it. Humility is a major characteristics of spirituality. Every godly person is supposed to be humble but to be humble but unfortunately, the opposite is what we see everywhere today in our society and churches.
It is not beyond you. To be godly, holy and anointed is within reach for no one is specially created by God to be more spiritual than others, we all have equal access to him. Ezekiel 34 http://gan.doubleclick.net/gan_click?lid=41000000033653870&pubid=21000000000331353

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